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DBB, Inc. was founded in 1957 at Alexandria, Louisiana. The mission/goal of the program is to provide a recreational outlet for as many 13-19 year old participants as possible. The program currently operates in eleven southeastern states and attracts over 20,000 players.

DBB, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors and is comprised of Executive Officers as well as elected State Officials. The members of the Board (currently twenty-two) are responsible for determining program policies and rules. The Commissioner/CEO is responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the organization.

Leagues must comply with a basic set of rules and regulations as found in the rule book. The rules that appear in the official rulebook are specific rules adopted by the Board of Directors. All other rules are found in the official playing rules of Major League Baseball. The DBB Commissioner/CEO is responsible for interpretation and rule enforcement.

League play is emphasized within the organization. Franchises/local leagues are given a great deal of autonomy in determining the specific program that will meet the community/school needs. The administrative functions that are necessary to successfully operate a local league are supported by the District and State Director.

While emphasis is on league play there is; however, district tournaments, state tournaments, 15U invitational world series and four additional world series events for leagues wishing to participate after the close of the regular season. DBB, Inc. has a rich tradition of offering quality events that capture the true essence of competitive play. The organization takes great pride in offering “premier events” that provides a memorable experience for everyone.


The league is the smallest unit of organization and is governed by the local program.

a. A league franchise can be granted for a league from two to ten teams.

b. The State Director is empowered to grant one team leagues based on circumstances.


The league makes application for franchise to the Commissioner. It is agreed that the league would form based on the policies as found in the official rulebook. Additional information is also available on our website at

The franchise obtains the approval of the appropriate State & District officials.


The League would submit maps showing boundaries of the league.

The League would meet all boundary requirements.


League rosters can include up to 16 players in Boys and 18 players for 15U Baseball and Majors Baseball. Playing roster deadline is prior to the first game.

Franchise deadline is May 15th. National Franchise Fee is $30.00 per team along with a $30.00 State Fee. A fee of $120.00/2 team min. is required for franchises. Online payment is available.




a. Junior Boys -  (age 13) Any eligible player whose thirteenth birthday falls before May 1st of the current year and any player whose fourteenth birthday falls on or after May 1 of the current year shall be eligible to compete and complete the current Boys Baseball season. A local league has the option of allowing a 12 year old (league age) to participate in DBB.

b. Boys - (age 13-14) Any eligible player whose thirteenth birthday falls before May 1st of the current year and any player whose fifteenth birthday falls on or after May 1 of the current year shall be eligible to compete and complete the current Boys Baseball season.

c. 15U Program - (age 15 and below)  Any eligible player whose sixteen birthday falls on or after May 1 of the current year shall be eligible to compete and complete the current 15U season. Note: A player is also eligible to compete and complete the current season of either Boys or Majors Baseball as determined by his age. As such participants in the 15U program are eligible to dual participate within the Boys or Majors program.

d. Pre Majors- (age 15-17) Any player whose fifteenth birthday falls before May 1st of the current year and any player whose eighteen birthday falls on or after May 1 of the current year is eligible to compete and complete the current Pre-Majors Baseball season.

e. Majors- (age 15-19) Any player whose fifteenth birthday falls before May 1st of the current year and any player whose nineteenth birthday falls on or after August 1 of the previous calendar year is eligible to compete and complete the current Majors Baseball season.

f. **Also any player who plays baseball for his school and whose fourteenth birthday falls before May 1st of the current year is eligible to compete in and complete the Pre/Majors season.******



Players may participate in other amateur baseball programs, subject to League approval. No league player; under any circumstances, shall be permitted to play on another amateur team during his teams' tournament play.

The League may choose to select a Junior Boys (age 13) tournament team and/or a Boys (age 13-14) tournament team. In the Majors division; a league may choose to select a Pre-Majors (age 15-17) tournament team and/or a Majors (age 15-19) tournament team. Players can participate on one team only other than the exception as granted for dual participation within the 15U program!!!


The League will agree to follow the basic playing rules of the organization.

The League understands that play requires the use of DBB certified umpires. The organization has a National Umpire Program.



The League would align and franchise as part of the state program. As such the league would be considered as a part of a district, region or zone of the state program. *The geographical location of the league will be a determining factor in any alignment decision.

Oversight and jurisdictional control of play would be the responsibility of the appropriate District Director & State Director from a given state.


The League would be required to adhere to all tournament rules and regulations. Rules and Regulations for Tournament Play are governed by the official playing rules as well as a tournament guidelines document. The following are a few highlights of these rules:

a. Rosters may include up to: fifteen players (Boys) and eighteen players (15U and Majors) - four coaches.

b. Birth certificates or a drivers license verification are required along with a tournament team affidavit. Required information must be submitted at a credentials meeting held prior to tournament play.

c. Approved tournament baseballs must be used for all tournament play.

d. Teams are required to follow all established pitching rules with no exceptions granted.

e. Documentary evidence of insurance must be carried to all tournament games. Specific insurance requirements are found in DBB Official Rules.


The League would be afforded the opportunity to advance a team or teams from a local league into tournament play. Each state determines method based on number of leagues.

Tournament play would be conducted using double elimination play, round robin or pool play.

State tournaments are normally conducted two weeks prior to the World Series.

Tournament fees and travel allowances; if applicable are determined by the State Director.

15U WORLD SERIES (Event Added)

Beginning with the 2013 season, participants were allowed to participate as part of the 15U program if eligible by age.

World Series tournament play for 15U in 2022 will be conducted July 20-22 in Sterlington, Louisiana!


State Champions from each of the State Tournaments along with a tournament host team compete for the opportunity to be crowned “World Series Champions” in Jr. Boys, Boys, Pre-Majors, or Majors. The 15U division will involve teams that make entry and choose to participate in the invitational World Series event. Sterlington, Louisiana is the host for the 2022 World Series while the host for the 2023 World Series 15U Division is TBD.

A double elimination tournament is held for World Series play. The Majors division 2022 World Series event will be held in Nashville, Tennessee July 22-27. The Pre-Majors World Series site is yet to be announced. In 2023, Sterlington will host the Pre-Majors with the Majors World Series to be held in North Charleston, SC.  

The Junior Boys World Series and Boys World Series will both be held in Sterlington, Louisiana. Dates for the 2022 Boys Division tournaments are July 22-27. 

State champions advancing to a DBB, Inc. World Series event are provided $350.00 per- diem allowance per evening beginning the night preceding the first Series game and ending with the night following elimination. To be eligible to receive a per diem, a team must be located a distance of 75 miles or more from the playing fields. 

World Series champions/finalists are recognized as well as a team sportsmanship award winner.

Article Updated 1/22/2022