About Dixie

Dixie Boys Baseball is primarily a youth baseball program for boys (13-14) playing on a medium sized diamond to meet the physical development of growing boys. The main purpose of this program is to provide a recreation outlet for as many boys as possible, with emphasis being on local league play rather than tournament play.

Junior Dixie Boys is a Division of the Dixie Boys Baseball for boys of age 13. 

The incorporators of this program were the members of the Alexandria, La., Youth Baseball Association, and it was their objective to make available an organized baseball program for boys graduating from other youth baseball groups. It permits these boys to continue in a supervised athletic program competing with boys of their own age and ability.

Leagues affiliating themselves with Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc. must comply with a basic set of rules and regulations as outlined herein, but league officials will have absolute autonomy on certain provisions as indicated.

Playing games at night, interlocking schedule, exhibition games, double or single elimination tournaments and matters concerning player selection system will be responsibility of the individual leagues involved, however, whatever system is used shall be under the direction of a "Player Agent" who shall see that all teams have an equal opportunity in the selection of players.

While emphasis will be on local league play there will be, however, district tournaments, zone tournaments, regional tournaments, state tournaments and a world series. All four Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc. divisions have World Series tournaments for leagues wishing to participate following the close of the regular season. 

Proceeds from the franchise fee per team will be used to defray expenses of promoting the program. The program will be governed by an all volunteer Board elected from the representatives of the leagues, with the various states being represented by State Directors and Assistant State Directors. The Board of Directors will elect the officers.

In the summer of 1973 the Board of Directors of Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc., feeling a need to establish a program for its graduates established Dixie Majors Baseball for boys 15, 16, and 17 years of age playing on a regulation sized field. In 1977 the ages were changed to 15, 16, 17 and 18. In 2005 the age of 19 was added to the Majors program.

Dixie Pre-Majors is a Division of Dixie Majors Baseball for boys of age 15 -16 and 17.

Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc., has an agreement with Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., as of October 25, 1975. It suggests that each state organize a Dixie Baseball organization consisting of representatives from Dixie Youth, Dixie Boys, Dixie Majors and Dixie Softball. These state organizations will coordinate and cooperate in the advancement of all three programs.

Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc., continues to encourage and support programs for the training and certification of volunteer coaches. Furthermore, the organization is committed to providing a program that emphasis the safety and well-being of participants and spectators.