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June 6, 2021.....Eufaula, Alabama...The 2021 Future Stars 15U Event had Hard Knocks (Hurst) defeating Hard Knocks – (Phillips) by a score of 13-9 in the championship game. HK-Hurst finished the tournament with a perfect 4-0 record with HK-Phillips only loss being in the Sunday morning championship game. In 17U play, the Wiregrass 17U captured the title with a 3-1 record with Southeast Elite as the finalist with a 2-2 record. J. Sandy Jones, Commissioner/CEO stated: “ The 2021 Future Stars Event was a big success as the goal of allowing young people to enjoy the great game of baseball was achieved. It has become a much more difficult task in securing teams each year for an event that has lasted for fifteen years. The City of Eufaula Parks and Recreation Department under the capable leadership of Keef Pettis did an outstanding job of hosting and providing the playing field. Due to the number of teams in the 2021 event, we also used the baseball field at Eufaula High School for numerous games. Coach Phil Anderson was very helpful and as a result we were able to play all of the games within the scheduled time frame. Jerry Brewer, Future Stars Tournament Director and Dan Capps, Tournament UIC did an excellent job with the administration of the tournament. Old Hickory Bat Company and BSN Sports were also co-sponsors of the 15th Future Stars Event. We thank everyone that participated in the event either as a player, coach, umpire or as a member of the tournament staff.”


2021 Future Stars Event - Completed 6-6 (All Game Scores)


Due to COVID the 2020 Future Stars event was not held. The DBB organization is looking forward to 2021; as Eufaula will host the event on June 17-20, 2021. More details to follow!

Congratulations to the Central Alabama Prospects the 17U Dixie Future Stars Champions. The 2019 Dixie Future Stars 15U Champions are the Wiregrass Cardinals. Event was held in Eufaula, Alabama:  May 31 - June 2. Click below for the completed bracket with all the game scores.

2019 Future Stars - Tournament Completed 6-2 (All Game Scores Available)

2019 Dixie Future Stars 15U Champions - Wiregrass Cardinals 

2019 DFS 15U Champs

2019 Dixie Future Stars

2019 Dixie Future Stars 17U Champions - Central Alabama  Prospectsts 

2019 DFS 17U Champs


 2018 Future Stars Event

The 2018 Dixie Pre-Majors Future Stars event was held June 1-3 in Eufaula. Wiregrass Cardinals defeated Ozark 17U by a score of 4-2 in the finals! See the file below for all game scores.

2018 Future Stars Tournament - Completed 6-3 (All Game Scores Available) 


2018 Dixie Future Stars Champions - Wiregrass Cardinals Red

 2018 DFS Champs


2017 Future Stars Event  

The 2017 Future Stars Event held in Eufaula, AL was completed June 7th, 2017 with Greenville, Alabama defeating Eufaula to claim the championship.Greenville Titans (4-0) went through the event undefeated with Eufaula finishing (3-1). 

 Greenville Titans - 2017 Dixie Future Stars Tournament Champions

2017 DFS Greenville 

2017 Dixie Future Stars Finalist -Eufaula

2017 Dixie Pre Majors Future Stars Bracket (Completed with all Game Results)

2016 Future Stars Event 

The 2016 Future Stars Event held in Eufaula, Alabama was completed on June 5th, 2016 with Ozark, Alabama defeating Madison County, Florida to claim the championship. Ozark (4-0) went through the event undefeated, while the only loss for Madison County was in the championship game. Eight teams participated in the three day event! The completed bracket with all game scores is available below!2016 Future Stars Photo  
2016 Future Stars Event - Ozark Wins Championship -
Bracket Completed with all Scores (June 5, 2016) 

2015 Future Stars Event

The 2015 Future Stars Event held in Eufaula, AL was completed June 7th, 2015 with Ozark, Alabama defeating Kosciusko, Mississippi to claim the championship. Ozark (4-0) went through the event undefeated, while the only loss for Kosciusko was in the championship game.

2015 Ozark Champs Pic

2015 Future Stars Bracket - Ozark wins Championship (all scores and completed bracket) 

Old Hickory Bat

 2014 Future Stars Event

The Dixie Pre-Majors Future Stars Event was held in Eufaula, AL June 6-8, 2014. The tournament included eight teams. Old Hickory Bat Company, Pennant Sports, The City of Eufaula & Dixie Boys Baseball were co-sponsors for the 2014 event.

2014 Future Stars Champions - Southeastern Baseball - Montgomery, Alabama

2014 Dixie Future Stars Tournament Completed Bracket with all Game Scores

2014 Dixie Pre Majors Event - Press Release

2014 Dixie Future Stars Game Schedule - Event June 6-8, 2014

2013 Future Stars Events

The Dixie Pre-Majors Future Stars event was held June 7-8, 2013 in Eufaula, Alabama. Four teams participated in the Future Stars Event while two 15U teams also held a two game series! In the championship game, the Warriors held a 5-4 lead against the Russell County Hawks going into the bottom of the fifth when severe weather caused the game to be cancelled. Old Hickory Bats once again provided the wood bats for the event. A special thank you to the City of Eufaula Parks & Recreation Department for serving as tournament host.

2013 Dixie Pre-Majors Future Stars Line Scores 
2013 Dixie Pre Majors Future Stars Completed Bracket with game scores 
2013 Pre-Majors Future Stars Press Release 

2012 Future Stars Events

Rain was the ultimate winner of the final day of games of the Future Stars events held June 8-10. Dothan, Alabama hosted the Dixie Boys Divisions (7 teams) while the Pre-Majors event in Eufaula had a record number of six teams. North Charleston hosted and emerged as champions of a very successful Dixie Majors event with four teams. Highlights are available below.

2012 Junior Boys Future Stars Press Release- Rosters, Pictures & Line Scores (Final Update) 
2012 Dixie Boys Future Stars Press Release- Rosters, Pictures and Line Scores (Final Update)

2011 Future Stars Events  


Dothan, Alabama hosted the Jr. Boys and the Dixie Boys divisions, while Eufaula, Alabama once again served as the host community for the Pre-Majors division. North Charleston, SC hosted the first annual Dixie Majors event held on June 17-19. The East team won the Jr. Boys division with the Troy Stars (North) capturing the Dixie Boys title. In the Pre-Majors division the West Stars were victorious. In the Dixie Majors division the Lake Wales, Florida team won the tournament championship. Highlights from the events are below.

2011 Junior Boys Future Stars Press Release- Rosters, Pictures & Line Scores (Final Update 6-21)
2011 Dixie Boys Future Stars Press Release- Rosters, Pictures & Line Scores (Final Update 6-15)

2011 Pre Majors Future Stars Press Release- Rosters, Champions Picture & Line Scores (Final Update 6-20) 
2011 Dixie Majors Future Stars Press Release - Champions Picture & Line Scores (Final Update 6-21)

 2010 Dixie Future Stars Event Highlights

 Dothan, Alabama hosted the Dixie Boys division while Eufaula, Alabama served as host for the Pre-Majors division. Both events were held June 11-13, 2010. Ozark, Alabama was scheduled to host the inaugural event for the Dixie Majors division; however the event was postponed to a date to be announced later. The Dixie Southern team captured the title in the Dixie Boys division while the Dixie Pre Majors Future Stars title was won by the East team. Highlights from the events along with pictures are found below!

2010 Dixie Boys Future Stars- Press Release with Team Pictures
2010 Dixie Boys Future Stars Event Information Updated 
2010 Boys Future Stars Line Scores- Completed 

2010 Dixie Pre-Majors Future Stars Event Information
2010 Dixie Pre- Majors Future Stars Team Rosters
2010 Pre-Majors Future Stars Line Scores-Completed

Ozark, Alabama- Dixie Majors Future Stars Event Postponed 

 2009 Dixie Future Stars Tournaments

 The Future Stars events for 2009 were expanded to include three age divisions. Dothan, Al. successfully hosted both the Junior Dixie Boys & Dixie Boys divisions. Eufaula, Al. hosted the top 15-16 year-old Pre-Majors Baseball participants. Events were held the weekend of June 12-14, 2009. The unique wood bat format showcased the individual talents of players. . Each team played three (3) games. 

2009 Future Stars Event Highlights:

2009 Jr. Dixie Boys Future Stars - Press Release with Team Pictures 

2009 Dixie Boys Future Stars - Press Release with Team Pictures  

2009 Pre Majors Future Stars - Press Release with Team Rosters   

2009 Pre Majors Future Stars Line Scores 

Archived Future Stars Event highlights:

 2008 Dixie Boys (age 13-14) Future Stars Tournament & Event Photos

2008 Dixie Pre-Majors (age 15-16) Future Stars Rosters & Event Highlights